About Us 


We are registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and are Home Office approved.


A friendly multi disciplined target-shooting club, affiliated to both the N.S.R.A. and the N.R.A. National Organisations.

We are also affiliated to the Gloucestershire, Bristol & District and Somerset Shooting Associations.


We promote shooting as a safe and enjoyable sport. We welcome new (eligible) members as well as experienced shooters.


One of the larger clubs in the area, we have in the region of 90 members.

We have our own 20 yard indoor range on the South Gloucestershire / Bristol border at Hanham.

There are 10 firing points at 20yds for .22 rim-fire (.22 LR and .22 Short) rifle in this range.

There is also a dedicated Air Range with four 10 metre firing points featuring returning targets for .177 air pistol and .177 air rifle.

We have a gun room where rifles and pistols can be cleaned repaired and adjusted.

In addition there is a lounge area with good seating and refreshment facilities.

The club has had and still has International, National and County shooters of various disciplines amongst their membership.

The club facilities have been upgraded to allow full disabled access, including a newly installed disabled toilet.

Club History 

The club was formed in 1945 and originally shot at Speedwell Barracks in St.George, Bristol

When range time became “squeezed” due to use by the cadets and the Territorial Army the members started to look for their own premises.

A site was identified in Hanham and the club members put in a lot of hard work to build the new six-lane 25yd range. In 1969 they moved in.

In the late 1970’s the range was extended to increase the firing points to 10, a four-lane air range and gun room was added.

To fit all this in the .22 range had to be shortened to 20yds.



Types Of Shooting

The Club undertakes a variety of activities to promote marksmanship and skill in different disciplines and various types of firearm.


Club members take part in the following types of shooting:


Prone, Standing and Kneeling  .22 RF single shot rifle

Sport rifle prone .22 RF self loading

Sport rifle standing .22 RF self-loading

Bench Rest .22 RF single shot/self loading

Precision air pistol .177 single shot

Precision air rifle  .177 single shot

Multi shot air pistol .177

Gallery Rifle and Full Bore (on external approved ranges)

Black Powder (on external approved ranges)

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